Three out of three for Javi Villa.

Braga, 8th May: Mission accomplished for Javi Villa at the Falperra Hillclimb, the Asturian-born driver scored his third consecutive win in Category 2 at the Portuguese round of the Spanish Championship and he comfortably leads the series standings.

The third round of the championship, held on the very fast road of Falperra, was very tough because of the bad weather and was blighted by several incidents that produced a lot of delays to the weekend schedule.

On Saturday the timed climb that closed the first day of competition was run under heavy rain and Javi was the fastest in Category 2 with his BRC B49, also setting the third overall quickest time of the Spanish series, behind the powerful GT cars of Fombona and Janssens who were very competitive on the fast Portuguese course, and ahead of all the contenders of the Spanish Championship Category 1.

The two remaining timed runs were held on Sunday and the weather again made the race difficult. The intermittent rain, with changes in its intensity made it impossible to predict current situation of all the sectors of the track. Furthermore, as there wasn't any practice before the timed runs, there was no margin for mistakes because even if the road was far from perfect, it was far better than on Saturday so the two times set on Sunday would end up deciding the results. Javi Villa was again the fastest in Category 2 in the first run, but was losing some ground in the overall standings as the cars from the category 1 were recovering on a drying tarmac.

On the final climb Javi pushed to decisively win Category 2 after scoring his best time of the weekend, a great 2:27 that put him also very close to the overall podium where he finished fourth.

With the win scored at Falperra, Villa consolidates his leadership in Category 2 in the Spanish Hillclimb Championship, the next round of which will be held in a few days time, as next weekend all the competitors of the national series will meet again to race on the slopes of El Fito, the home event for the Asturian-born driver.

Javi Villa's own words: "Falperra's weekend has been pretty similar to Ubrique, first it was raining, then it wasn't and you actually never knew what could happen but things went quite well, our times were consistent throughout the two days. This morning I was a bit asleep on the first timed run but I recovered well on the last one, pushing and scoring the second best time overall, behind Angela with his sportscar, so we ended up winning Category 2, and that was all that we'd expected here at Falperra with its long straights. Now we are already looking forward to the next weekend, at El Fito, there we'll have a few more corners and I hope to be competitive on them."