Javi Villa takes the overall victory and sets a new record for the climb.

Total domination by Javi Villa at the 8th Peñas Blancas Estepona Hillclimb, first round of the 2016 Spanish Hillclimb Championship.

The Asturian-born driver won the overall classification of the event by a clear margin and beat the record of the long and technical course located near Malaga three times. At the wheel of his BRC B40 in Category 2, Javi beat all the competitors in Category 1, where the more powerful cars are included, and he set the best time of all the climbs run during the weekend.

Villa had already shown his form on Saturday with the BRC in Category 2 setting the best overall time both in the only practice climb and in the race climb that closed the programme of the first day of the event. Javi was not only faster overall but he also improved his best time of last year by four seconds, and lowered the course record by more than three seconds with a spectacular time of 4:09.309, more than five seconds ahead of his closest competitor, Jonathan Alvarez, and more than eight seconds better than the first placed in Category 1, the new 'Demon Car +', with 1300cc engine, driven by Joseba Iraola.

On Sunday, Villa virtually decided the final outcome of the event when he once again beat the overall record with a time of 4:09.154 on the second race climb, beating Jonathan Alvarez by more than 5 seconds and leaving César Rodriguez, who was this time the best in the category 1, 11 seconds behind. Just in case there could be any doubt of his superiority and the extraordinary pace he can reach with the BRC B49 adapted to this year category 2 rules (without paddle shift, with no air restrictor and weighing 10kg less than last year), Javi again beat his previous times in the final climb, improving by almost another one and a half seconds to set the course record for a third time over the weekend, leaving it at an amazing 4:07.761 to clinch the overall win at Estepona. This victory vindicates the decision taken to choose Category 2 for his CM car, with which he has been clearly faster than those included in Category 1, exactly what he was expecting as his comments ahead the first round of the championship showed.

Javi Villa's own words: "It has been a perfect weekend, with great times. A shame that yesterday one of the practice climbs was cancelled as we couldn't test all we had planned to but at the end of the day it wasn't a problem. I'm very comfortable with the shift lever, I'm even enjoying it quite a lot driving like that, and removing the restrictor mean the engine is now faster and, as we are now carrying 10 kg less, all that is very noticeable. I lowered the time we had from last year by six seconds and the overall record for the climb by five seconds. Now we are already looking forward to Ubrique, let's see how much the tyres last in the second round but if we can continue with this pace it will be a good year."
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