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Javi Villa travels to the Canaries looking for the Spanish Hillclimb Championship.
Tenerife 16th October: Javi Villa travels this weekend to the Canary Islands for the Arona-La Escalona hillclimb, last round of the 2013 Spanish Hillclimb Championship.

Villa arrives at the event on the Tenerife Isle as the commanding leader of the Spanish series category 2, where the spectacular CM cars are entered, always the fastest at all the hillclimbs,and among them all, the best time has been always taken this season by Javi in all the events he has entered. The Asturian driver dominates the championship having won the 12 races he has run out of the 15 held this season so far.

A complete domination that Villa hopes to complete at Arona with the title of Spanish Hillclimb Champion. To do this he just needs to score four more points which means that just finishing 11th at any of the three timed climbs scheduled for the weekend will be more than enough. A target he shouldn't have any problem achieving unless something unexpected happens, which can never ruled out in the always uncertain world of motorsport.

Additionally, Arona will be a great chance to see the progress and evolution throughout the year of the BRC B49, comparing the times set last year by Javi at the wheel of the CM05EVO, a comparison that the rain has prevented at other events repeated from last season's schedule such as Fito and Santo Emiiano.

If Javi clinches the Spanish Hillclimb Championship it will be his third national series won in as many different specialities as he has already been champion in single-seaters racing (he won the Spanish F3 Junior Cup in 2004) and tintops (he won the 2010 Spanish Mini Challenge). Quite an achievement that he's especially looking for as it shows up a versatility that is quite rare nowadays, when drivers tend to specialise in a specific type of car and barely race outside that world.

To follow the Arona hillclimb visit the official website:
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