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Another win for Javi Villa who moves closer to clinching the Spanish Championship.
Heras 25th August: Javi Villa has almost clinched the Spanish Hillclimb championship after scoring his third win of the weekend today at Peña Cabarga, fifth round of the series.

While on Saturday, the intermittent rain meant the track conditions were very changeable, on Sunday the weather has been good, the practice and timed climbs being run on dry asphalt, so the Spaniard was able to find the limits of the BRC B49 on the fast and technical Cantabrian course.

Villas was already the fastest in practice, improving his best time of the day by four seconds to get down to 2:50.928. A time that was totally obliterated in the last timed climb of the weekend, when Javi improved by another four seconds to set a spectacular 2:46.942, a new record for the race on this current layout, which includes a chicane in the fastest section, and just a second above the best ever time for the CM category on the faster layout without the chicane.

Additionally, Javi set his great times on worn tyres and he still left his closest rival three and a half seconds behind. A total domination on dry asphalt that was the confirmation of the great performances done on the damp conditions of the day before and which shows the success of the work done by the Asturias born driver during the whole season with the BRC B49.

With his win at Peña Cabarga, Villa has 12 wins from 12 races as his victory tally in the 2013 Spanish Hillclimb Championship. A fantastic streak that puts him just a step away from clinching the national title as he just has finish one of the three races due at the Arona Hillclimb, the last round scheduled, to score the points that will put him totally out of reach of his rivals.

Javi Villa's own words: "We completed the weekend with the third win. Today it has been totally dry on the two climbs so it was the moment to push and look for the limit. We almost beat the record and now the start is a bit earlier and there is a chicane so there are new references and we beat our closest rival by more than three seconds, and we did it on worn tyres, the same that we had run at the Mont-Dore and without using any extra ones, the so called 'jokers'. That's something we did last year at the last race of the championship and we didn't have such a margin, we were with less than two seconds faster so we are really starting to think that we are definitely faster with the B49 than with the 05. I'm very comfortable driving it, even if this road didn't give me too much confidence, specially with it being sometimes wet, sometimes dry, and it's also very bumpy so you don't enjoy it a lot but, anyway, I think that everything went pretty well. We've now got 12 wins from 12 races and we hope that it doesn't finish here as we'd like to celebrate the title crossing the finish line, but in racing until you get to the end you never know."

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