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Javi will no longer race in European NASCAR with the French team.
Javi Villa will not be completing his planned program in the EuroRaceCar with Scorpus Racing. The Spanish driver has decided to cancel his participation in the European NASCAR series with the French team given that, with the equipment provided for him by the squad directed by Alain Veyssière, it is totally impossible for him to fight for wins.

Villa wants to thank Scorpus for the effort to get their programme underway with a very limited budget but, as seen at Brands Hatch, the car doesn't allow him to get the results that are within his reach, Javi and his backers have decided not to continue with the French team as there is no possibility that they can offer him a better car than the one used so far.

The car's limits were clearly evident at the British track. In the previous two events, at Nogaro and Dijon, different problems prevented Villa from completing three of the four race, finishing only one, on a wet track which allowed Javi, thanks to his driving, to get a good result. At Brands, on a dry track and without any further breakdowns, the lack of performances from the car was very obvious, even the team conceding that the chassis was not in perfect condition.

Given all this, the Spaniard and his backers prefer to focus their efforts and budget on looking for another project with more future opportunities, Javi set a target when, at the beginning of last year, he decided to enter EuroRaceCar: to be the first Spanish driver competing in American NASCAR with a complete program. Am ambitious and exciting target as there has been almost no European drivers racing there on a regular basis in the whole history of the famous American championship. A challenge for Javi who is already establishing the first contact with several American teams in order to carry out some tests ahead of a possible first race before the end of the year.

Besides this change of program regarding European NASCAR, Javi Villa continue with his participation in the Spanish Hillclimb Championship, where he's the top contender for the title after winning the six races he has entered so far. Just this weekend the next round of the series is due, at Langreo, for the Santo Emiliano Hillclimb, where Javi is the hot favourite to win with the BRC B49.
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