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Javi Villa once again shows his speed despite mechanical problems.
Dijon, 12th May 2013: Two pit stops in the opening laps, caused by the engine running on seven cylinder because of a loose sparkplug, ruined the chances of Javi Villa in the second race of the European NASCAR meeting held this weekend at Dijon. Despite this the Spaniard, once again, showed his speed, being the driver with the best pace once he was back on the track after the second visit to the pits, although all the time lost meant he could only finish in 20th position.

After yesterday's bad luck, Villa was starting from third position today and was feeling strong and with chances to fight for the win given his pace the day before, which had put him among the fastest. But just before the start, Javi noticed his engine wasn't working properly and had to head to the pits where a spark plug problem was discovered and he got back to the track with two laps lost.

Just two laps later, the problem happened again which meant yet another pit stop for Villa, loosing another lap. At least this time the problem was finally fixed and he could get back to the track and run without problems to the end of the race, doing it with a very good pace as he was the fastest driver on track for most of the remaining laps, crossing under the flag in 20th position.

A disappointing result that put the end to a weekend full of problems totally out of control of the driver. During the few moments that the car has been working, Javi has showed again that he's at the level of the best in the series, only bad luck or mechanical problems preventing him from getting the results he deserves for his speed and professionalism.

Javier Villa's own words: "One race is not won by one person alone, there are a lot of factors. From the four races so far, at three we've had problems: once it was a broken engine, yesterday the car stopped, which was obviously very bad luck, and today, even before the green lights the car was on seven cylinders, something that had already happened on Friday and also happened again after the pit stop. We were fast, the fastest lap was out of reach as it was set at the beginning of the race, when we were in the pits, but after our second stop, except the laps where I had traffic when unlapping myself from other cars, I was as fast or even faster than the leaders, the pace that I'd always had as was shown in the only race when nothing failed, where I got to the podium and almost won even if I had to start from behind."

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