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Javi Villa has to retire when running in third position.
Dijon, 11st May 2013: Real bad luck for Javi Villa today in the first race of the European NASCAR held this weekend at the French circuit of Dijon. A part of his car bodywork, that had been damaged after contact with Nordström when passing him for third position, got loose on the straight hitting the kill switch and stopping the engine so he had to retire when he was in a podium position and looking to fight for second place.

Villa was starting from the outside of the second row and kept fourth place at the lights went out, immediately getting right behind Nordström. The Swede's pace was slightly slower than the first two runners, Vilariño and Gabillon, who were pulling away while Javi was trying to get by his rival, who was closing the door each time, holding up the Spaniard who could see how, lap after lap, the gap to the top two was getting bigger.

Conscious that he couldn't lose any more time behind Nordström, Villa increased the pressure and finally went by him on lap 11 in a move where there was some contact between the two cars. Despite the impact not being too hard, a piece of Javi's car bodywork was working loose and finally flew away at the next straight, and with incredible bad luck it made contact with the emergency kill switch that cuts off the electricity of the car in case of an accident. With the engine switching off Javi has no option than to retire, losing a great opportunity to score a podium as he was already third and was on the way to fight for second position, given his better pace compared with the French driver Gabillon, that was just a few seconds ahead at the moment of the incident.

At least the good pace shown today by Javi will allow him to start tomorrow from third position of the grid for Sunday's race, set according to the fastest lap of each driver on Saturday. Villa's best lap, despite never having a clear track ahead, was third fastest, just less than four tenths away from the best overall, so the Spaniard is optimistic that he'd have chances to fight for the win in the last race of the weekend.

Sunday March 31st
11:55 – 12:25 Race 2

Javier Villa's own words: "Despite what happened we are happier than yesterday as today we've had a far better pace. Really I don't know how much as in the first part of the race we were held up by Nordström, but I was feeling comfortable and I think that it could have been possible to get to second position. But when I got third I had a slight contact with Nordström and, one lap later, when I was in a podium position, one of the bodywork parts hit the kill switch and that was it. It's one of those things that happens one in a million times but that's motor racing and that's why we lost the podium today."
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