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A clear win for Javi Villa in the BRC B49.
All targets achieved for Javi Villa in his participation in the 'Vega de Espinareda' hillclimb, the first event of the Castilla-Leon series. The Asturian-born driver has been the fastest on all the six climbs run throughout the two days, winning the event overall at the wheel of the BRC B49 and with his teammate, Jairo Pesquera, completing the success of Bango Racing Cars whose cars finished first and second.

But, as well of winning, for Villa and his team the main focus at Vega de Espinareda was to continue with the development and setup work of the new BRC B49 after his victorious first outing two weeks ago in Ubrique. As regards this, the work done during the whole weekend has been very positive and had an immediate effect on the times, with a continuous improvement by Javi culminating with a 1:39.25 in the final timed climb, best overall time of the two days and a new record for the event.

Villa had already being the fastest in Saturday's warm-up with a time of 1:43.40 which he immediately improved by a full second in the practice climb, and then lowered again in the first race climb, which he won with a time of 1:40.23. On Sunday, Javi went on with his progress as well as trying changes on the BRC B49 setup that were making its behaviour always more to his liking. On the second day 'warm-up', he was already matching his winning time of the day before with a 1:40.14, and he then broke the 1:40 barrier in practice, when improving again by almost a full second, to set the new overall record in the final timed climb, crossing the finish line in 1:39.25 to clinch the victory.

Javier Villa's own words: "These have been two days with a lot of work, with six runs, three on Saturday and three on Sunday, and we have tested a lot of things. From Ubrique to here I think that we've got the working line a lot clearer, it doesn't mean it's easy but I think that we know the right way to go and just from yesterday to today we improved by more than a second, which I think is very good news. Ahead of the next race, which for me will be at Fito and for Jairo it will be Falperra, I think that these two days at Vega de Espinareda will prove to be very important as we have been able to do a lot of work, much more than when you are in a national championship event, where you can't risk everything doing tests."
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