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Javi Villa wins at the first attempt with new BRC B49.
Ubrique 20th April. The first day of the Ubrique hillclimb, opening event of the 2013 Spanish Hillclimb Championship, finished with the first win for Javi Villa at the wheel of the new BRC B49. The Spaniard won easily in the timed climb that closed the programme, scoring his first victory of the year in the national series and confirming that he's the top favourite for the title.

Nevertheless, even if the four seconds margin over his closest competitor, the current Spanish champion Oscar Palacio, could give the impression that it was an easy win the reality was quite different and it was a hard fought victory. As usual when a new car gets to the track for the first time, the new BRC B49 is still far from realising its full potential yet and both driver and team had to work hard throughout day to fine tune the car setup.

In the first practice climb, the car was too nervous and oversteering a lot so Villa didn't push, crossing the finish line with a time of 2:34.666, more than 20 seconds away from his last year's record and being just sixth in the CM group. By the second practice climb, Javi was already fastest of the Spanish Championship contenders, going under the 2:20 mark and setting the base for his final win.

In the last climb, Villa again showed his great talent, improving by almost four seconds on his previous time to move out of reach of his rivals and take first position in the Spanish Championship and the first win for the new BRC B49, a car whose potential is notable, as shown by the fact it is already one second faster than last year on the Saturday timed climb, and that despite the fact that the setup is still far from optimum.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the 18th running of the Ubrique hillclimb will be completed with the running of the final two timed climbs after the last practice, where Javi and Bango Racing Cars' technical team will test yet more setup changes with the target of completing their participation in the initial event of the Spanish Championship with two more wins.

Javi Villa's own words: "It has been a tough day although when a new car is run for the first time and you know that it could happen and, at the end, all was well as in the final climb and we now know what we have. We managed to do a 2:15, a second better than last year at the same race, still a second away our own record but four seconds better than our fastest rival so we can't say it went too badly, even if I think that we are only at 70%. We should take the positive out of it, we still have a lot of margin and we know where to improve."
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