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Second position for Javi Villa after a great recovery drive.
Nogaro, 1st April 2013: Starting from eighth position of the grid, Javier Villa has finished second at the second race of the 2013 European NASCAR opening meeting, held at the French track of Nogaro.

After the very bad luck he had yesterday, when the engine of his car broke at the beginning of the race, Villa faced a tough challenge today. The Spaniard was lined up eighth on the grid decided by the fastest laps from yesterday's race and, to make things even more difficult, contact suffered by his car in the Open race, run in the morning, meant that his team had to change the gearbox just one hour before the race, almost running out of time to get the car ready for the start.

Things got even more complex when the rain that has been announced for the weekend, finally arrived so the final race was to be run on a wet track, with the extra difficulty that rain hampering visibility when starting in the middle of the field as was the case for Villa.

Javi had already gained a position at the start, being seventh the first time through the finish line and recovering in a spectacular yet steady way through the next few minutes, when his number 9 yellow car was the main attraction on track because of his continuous overtaking moves. Gaining a position each lap, the Spaniard was up to fourth with just four laps run, being third on lap 6 and second one lap later to cross the finish line on the eighth lap only two tenths behind the Swiss Zimmer who was running first.

In the next seven laps, the race leader, although running slower than Javi, managed to close all the gaps and Javi was staying behind him, waiting for his chance to pass and, a few moments later, having also to defend his position from yesterday's winner, VilariƱo, who was recovering after being penalised with a 'drive through' at the beginning of the race.

At the last lap Villa finally got his opportunity to go past Zimmer but their fight gave an advantage to VilariƱo who went by both to take the win,giving Javi a hard earned second position, just three tenths away after a spectacular race where he showed that, for sure, he'll be one of the main contenders for the title of the 2013 European NASCAR.

Javier Villa's own words: "First of all, I want to thank the team for all their work. Last night they had to stay up working to put in a new engine and today, just one hour before the race, they noticed an oil leak from the gearbox radiator that was damaged in a contact in the Open category race, so they had to change the gearbox and do the set-up which, obviously, was done only approximately because we almost run out of time. So just putting the car on the grid was an achievement they desserved to be thanked for.
Then, in the race, I think that all went quite well. I started eighth and, to be honest, the target was to get to the podium and score some points after all we lost yesterday. I suddenly saw that Ander wasn't there, I don't have radio in the car and didn't know what was going on, so I took it easy as I was third, I had very good pace and was in control. Two laps later I was second and there were still 14 minutes left, around eight laps, so there was time enough to find a way to pass but, suddenly, I saw that Ander was back behind us. From then on it was a three way fight and we had to defend even more than to push until the last lap when I saw a clear gap and went for it. But, sometimes, the one coming from behind has an advantage in such situations. Obviously you have to be there and go for it and he did it but, anyway, I think that our race was very good, and the team needed it after quite a hard weekend. It was our first time together and I think that we have learn a lot that will be useful for the remaining five races, where we are going in with a different frame of mind."
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