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Javi Villa's first run with his new NASCAR chassis.
Nogaro, 18th March 2013: Javier Villa completed, on Monday the 18th March at the French track of Nogaro, his shakedown with the car he will be driving this year in the EuroRaceCar (European NASCAR series).

The Spaniard is in France attending on Sunday the official presentation and photoshoot sessions of his new team, Scorpus Racing, before going to Nogarothis morning in order to drive the NASCAR chassis of the French outfit for the first time.

Despite the rain preventing collection of all the data that both the driver and team would have liked, at the end of the session the track started to dry so it was possible to run on slicks in the final minutes to start assessing the potential of the new car. For Javi, this testing session has been very important to get back on the pace after the long winter break and also because the first event of the European NASCAR series is due in a few days on this same track.


As well as testing his new car at Nogaro, Javi Villa has been wearing for the first time the logos of his new sponsor, the Spanish SRC (Slot Racing Company). The young Spaniard is proud to have been chosen by SRC as their representative for their first publicity campaign in motorsport, an arena much to the liking of the SRC Directors, as one of them is the former touring car driver Rafael Barrios, record holder at the Spa 24 Hours with an Escort at the beginning of the seventies.

Javier Villa: "After three months without driving a racing car it has mainly been a matter of getting the feeling back and starting the work as we'll be back to Nogaro for the first race weekend of the season soon. Furthermore, on Sunday I spent the whole day with the team, at the presentation and photoshot session, working also on the image of Scorpus Racing ahead of the upcoming season."

Alain Veyssière (Scorpus Racing): "At Scorpus we are very happy to have Javi with us. We decided to sign him as we reckon he's the best driver on the European NASCAR grid and we want to build the team around him to make progress together and fight for the wins in every race as well as the championship."

Rafael Barrios (SRC): "SRC is a very young Spanish company, just less than one year old but already a world leader by the quality of its products. It has been born out of our passion for motor racing and from race drivers, so for us it is very important and a real privilege to choose for our first publicity campaign the project of a young Spanish driver, a revolutionary project whose success we are sure of and that will put Javier Villa as the first Spaniard in the big American races of NASCAR. SRC is betting for the future with the best present."

More information about EuroRaceCar at, and about Scorpus Racing at and for SRC at

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